Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Woolevers are in the maternal line of my family. My mother was Lorraine Lynch (Threet) the oldest of 7 children of Roy Lee Threet and Flossie Belle Jones. She was born 6/19/1933 in Rock Island, Oklahoma, and died on 12/5/75 in Santa Cruz, California, of breast cancer. My father was Richard Lynch who was born on 11/27/1927 in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, and died on 3/19/1981 in Santa Cruz, California, of pneumonia.

Her father, Roy, was born on 10/18/1911 in Red Oak, Oklahoma, and died on 3/29/1965 in Marysville, California, of heart disease. Her mother, Flossie, was born on 7/4/1915 in Rock Island, Oklahoma, and died on 2/26/1981 in Santa Cruz, California, of uterine cancer.

Roy's parents were Carey Threet (legal name apparently William Curry Threet according to census data) and Nellie Martha Woolever. Carey was born 2/16/1884 in Oklahoma and died in 1923. Nellie was born 8/21/1888 in Oklahoma and died 4/15/1971 in Cameron, Oklahoma. She was the youngest child of Andrew Jackson Woolever and Gertrude Hunt.

Andrew was born in 1854 in Waldron, Arkansas. His wife Gertrude was born in 1856 in Arkansas also. They had 6 children. His father was John Wiley Woolever and his mother was Mary Louise Parker. John was a Union veteran of the Civil War enlisting from Arkansas.

John Wiley was born in 1834 in Tennessess and died in 1863 during the Civil War in Arkansas of cholera??? Mary Louise Parker was born in 1934 in Joplin, Missouri. John and 2 of his brothers passed in 1863 of diseases they caught during the Civil War.

John's parents were George Abraham Woolever and Fanny Francis (or Linch) depending on the source. According to message boards Fanny was full blooded Cherokee of the White River Band??? George was born in 1810 in North Carolina and Fanny was born 1817 in Missouri??? They had 12 children.

Woolever Family

My research has revealed that our earliest Woolever ancester arrived in New York in 1709 from Baden, Germany, during the Palantine exodus. The surname at that time was Wohlleben. Some still use that spelling but many others have varied the spelling, creating over 75 different spellings or derivitives of the same family name. They spent some time on board ships in Liverpool, England before setting sail. Many perished before the sailing and during the long voyage over the sea.

Many of our ancesters settled in the New York/New Jersey areas and spent many years there. Extensive research has been done by various researchers -- one of the major contributors is Stewart Woolever.

For many years we understood my great-grandmother's name to be Wilbur. Even her death certificate shows that spelling. Imagine our surprise when my sister requested the social security application of this Wilbur grandmother and the name was spelled Woolver. Another derivitive of Wohlleben.

After checking the messages boards I was able to see connections with many of the posters. The names, dates and places were so familiar. One such poster mentioned a book by Henry Jones on his own ancestors - Julia Stull. I was able to obtain a copy of this book which contains several hundred pages of documentation on the Wohlleben clan.